Dugdhsharkara – दुग्धशर्करा

  • Nashik City, --Maharashtra, -Nashik


In the current scenario, where it has become difficult to get out of the
house due to the pandemic, to give you some relief, we bring to you
“Dugdhasharkara”, our outlet located at mahatmanagar (Indira Gandhi
Vyapari Sankul) where we will be serving variety of interesting products
whose main & principle content is MILK, which is not only an immunity
booster, but is also considered as a symbol of purity, prosperity & good
Our main concern is the health of our customers and hence well be
serving flavours of milk such as Dry fruit Milk, Shatavari Milk, Ilaychi
Milk, Chocolate Milk , Strawberry Milk, Ayush Kadha which are not only
good to taste, but are rich in proteins & highly boost the immune
system, which is an essential requirement in today’s health conditions.



  • 1) Strawberry Milk
  • 2) Masala Milk
  • 3) Dryfruit Milk
  • 4) Haldi Milk
  • 5) Shatawari Milk
  • 6) chocolate Milk
  • 7) Elaichi Milk
  • 8) Ayush Kadha


Shop No.20 Indira Gandhi Complex, Mahatma Nagar Water Tank Rd, Nashik, Maharashtra 422007,422007,Nashik City,--Maharashtra,-Nashik

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