RBM 15W40 API CI-4 3.5 LTR

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  1. Brand – RBMItem model number – All types of cars it is multigrade oil

    Volume – 3.5 LTR

    Viscosity – 15W40

    Size – Medium

    Colour – Golden

    Vehicle Service Type – Car

    Country of Origin -IndiaI

    Item Weight – 3 kg 100 g

    Type: Part Synthetic Oil, Fully Synthetic Oil, Mineral Oil

    Pack Type: Can, Bucket, Bottle

    Density (Kg Per Cube Meter): .889

    Product Code: 15W40

    Carton Contain: 5

    Visc Index: 136

    Foam: Liquid

    Usage: Automotive Industry

    DE15W 40 Engine Oil is multigrade engine oil. Viscosity grade is high-quality engine oil for use in high output, turbocharged diesel engines. RBM LUBRIFIANTS-DE 15W40 is formulated to exceed API’s latest specifications Diesel engine oil specifications CI-4-Plus, CI-4, CH-4 Gasoline engine oil specification SM, SL.


    • Prolong engine life

    • Superior soot control and acid neutralization

    • Protects against wear and corrosion

    • Superior thermal and oxidation stability

    • Reduce friction, sludge, and varnish


    SAE Grade Appearance Viscosity Index Flash Point,COC, °CTBN, mg KOH/g 15W40 Bright & Clear 115 Min 230 Min 10.0 Min



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