10 Tips For Online Marketing

Many people prefer doing the majority of their business online as it is typically the most cost effective way to not only get started, but also to maintain.

In this piece we are here discuss 10 Internet Sales Techniques to implement in your online business to generate and even increase your sales.

Use Content Marketing
A company today cannot survive without a proper content marketing strategy. No matter your content strategy goal (lead generation, brand awareness, website traffic, increased sales, etc.) the end goal should be the same – increase the amount of revenue coming in and to increase business. Take the time to look at your content marketing strategy, review and revise it as it is necessary. Remember, content is king and those with the best content and most current content will rule their market.

Create Coupons (or Deals) To Promote
Coupons are a great way to attract visitors to your website and shopping area online. Plus everyone wants to get a deal, so by having a coupon people feel they are indeed getting a deal or savings. You can promote your coupons online on social sharing networks or simply email to a list of clients and/or prospects.

Online there are many opportunities to up-sell you customer without being pushy or feeling awkward like you may on the phone. Strategically placing upsell options during the point of sale process can increase your sales two-folds. Give bulk purchasing incentives to save money, discounts based on their payment method or plan or offer an extra item or future discount based on them purchasing more, pair or show additional items based on what is in their cart, etc.

Create a Sense of Urgency
While promoting your deal, create a sense of urgency to complete the purchase. You can do this by putting a deadline on your promotion or offer and make it stand out. Even think about throwing in an additional deal if they complete the order by a certain time.

Make Checkout or Signup Area User Friendly
Take the time to properly research and study user preferences and needs. Have your IT team conduct a lengthy amount of user testing to ensure an ease of doing business with your company. Also be sure to have any forms on your site tested as well. Keep them simple and only ask for the amount of information you absolutely needs and nothing more.
Also be sure to have a customer service team available for any and all questions that may arise during the purchase period, 24-hr online chat features are a great way to do this if you can sustain it.

Include Something For Free
A great way to retain a customer is by making their purchasing experience the best it can be. You can simply include an extra item when delivered or if you feel you need to encourage purchases you can offer an extra FREE item while your customer is shopping on your online store. Who doesn’t like something for FREE?

Highlight Special Features or Products
You see a lot of companies doing this now, but it does seem to work. Highlight your top selling products, products on sale or any special (or New) features you are trying to promote. This is a great way to move people through your website and make it easier for them to search for particular items. Someone may choose a different (more expensive or better) product if they feel other people use it more often.

Use a Clear and Prominent Call-to-Action
I have talked about call-to-actions and their importance before. To learn all about creating the best call-to-action, click here

Add Images or Product Demos
Videos can dramatically affect the amount of visitors on your website and the amount of conversions you will get. In fact:

  • 46% of people say that they would be more likely to make a purchase if they have seen a video or demo of the product first (Eloqua).
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website that uses video (Eloqua).
  • Video and email marketing can increase click-through rates by more than 90% (Mist Media).
  • Having video on your landing page or homepage makes it 53% more likely that Google will rank you on page 1 (Mist Media).
  • Of 80% of video users, 46% of them took some sort of action after viewing the video (Video Brewery).

Include Customer Reviews or Testimonials
It is no secret that people who can build trust in their market are the ones who will get repeat buyers and people promoting and sharing their information. A great way to build trust is by including customer reviews and testimonials, even better include a video testimonial. You will not regret it.

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